About Us

Dedicated Sales & Marketing Expertise

Pragmatica Consulting is a management consulting firm specializing in sales and marketing consulting in the German market. We have worked with numerous companies in the national and international context helping to build up in-house sales and marketing capabilities.

We intend to build partnerships with our clients and to become the primary contact for advise and discussions about all sales and marketing related concerns.

Our capabilities range from long-term strategic development to detailed levels of implementation work. We collaborate with our clients to:

  • Identify key areas of improvement
  • Develop sales and marketing strategies and sketch implementation options along roadmap paths
  • Boost sales and marketing capabilities including org structure, business processes and technology

Several factors legitimize Pragmatica Consulting to be your preferred partner towards increased competitiveness:

  • We are experts in our capability areas offering both breadth and depth in sales and marketing strategy and operations.
  • We bring a high level of analytical rigor and fact-based problem solving skills to our partners.
  • We offer a trustworthy, lasting partnership and continued affiliation in the support network.
  • Our aim is the tangible improvement of your capabilities and significant measurable outcomes