Our approach to Incentive Compensation Management consists of 4 principal areas.

  1. Plan design
  2. Plan set-up and administration
  3. Incentive Compensation Processing
  4. Reporting and Analytics

Incentive Compensation Management enables your company to align the goals, behaviours and rewards of your sales force with corporate objectives.

Key to success is the insight that your incentive management capability can do more than simply issue paychecks for what your sales force was able to sell. Your incentive management capability must demonstrate to your sales force how they can be rewarded for being supportive of corporate sales strategy.

Reaching a mature capability level requires a holistic multi-step approach that combines an incentive compensation strategy and refined compensation schemes, as well as supporting processes and performant tools.

While each company requires the development of a custom incentive system, Pragmatica Consulting applies a proven approach and refers to Best Practices that are applicable to all.