The interconnected experience

  • All channels communicate a consistent customer experience
  • Customers shape the relationship with the company during the sales and service process according to their preferences and expectations
  • Integration of all channels allows the customer to jump between channels


Given the differences in cross-channel behaviors across generations, firms should focus on those areas that make the most sense for their target customers.

The new generation costumers are more likely to adopt online communcation, so companies that embrace these customer groups should consider adding chat as well as sales and support functionality. While phone contact is a key complementary to the online experience for all customer groups, it is particularly important for re-assurance question and transaction completion guidance. Because of this, service numbers should be easily accessible for experiences targeted at online Seniors — especially in customer service areas on their sites.

Firms may also want to consider proactively inviting these older consumers to talk over the phone in sales situations. And firms that want to enhance their cross-channel sales efforts, especially for Younger Boomers and Older Boomers, should make sure that their sites provide good quality printouts of product information — arming consumers with the tools that they need to successfully continue shopping in stores.