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A world of pragmatic marketing and sales solutions

Welcome to a world of rehauled client relationships - relationships that are stronger, more transparent and more exciting. Ultimately, your company should aim at increasing the value for the client. This opportunity is not easily granted in the abundance of daily product offers. Just an incremental improvement of one of your sales and service capabilities can make the difference with your clients. Your sales and service capabilities need to be strengthened. more

Service Offer

Pragmatica Consulting offers a range of services to improve your Sales & Service capabilites.

  • Sales and Service Transformation
  • Online- and Direct-Channels 
  • Contact Center Design
  • Incentive Compensation Management
  • Pricing strategies
  • Market Development

The services range extend to general Project Management services. All services are listed in more detail. more

Sustainability "inside"

We follow the maxime to implement strategies that positively impact the environment and the social community in which a business exists to drive long-term economic and brand value.

Entering untapped markets

Approach untapped markets using local sales and service infrastructure based on your custom distribution plan with built-in margin control